ARP Books

ARP Books was founded in 1996 in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our mandate is to publish a dynamic combination of cultural, fiction, and non-fiction titles with an emphasis on progressive political analysis of contemporary issues, while encouraging innovative new writing.

At Bay Press

Unapologetically Canadian.

At Bay Press is an independent, award-winning publisher. We strive to seek out new work by undiscovered authors and artists and bring their work to light. We are known for original, thoughtful content as well as exceptionally crafted and well designed titles, some of which are constructed by hand.

At Bay Press is a member of the Association of Canadian Publishers, Association of Manitoba Book Publishers, the Literary Press Group, the Fine Press Book Association and the Canadian Book Binders and Book Artists Guild.

We are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Les Éditions du Blé

Une maison d’édition francophone communautaire sans but lucratif, leur mandat est de publier en français des auteurs de la région et des textes de portée générale qui touchent à l’Ouest canadien. Elles publient poésie, romans, nouvelles, théâtre, essais biographiques et historiques et livres d’art.

Fernwood Publishing

Fernwood Publishing produces critical non-fiction books that inform, enlighten and challenge readers. Roseway Publishing, an imprint of Fernwood, aims to publish literary work that is rooted in and relevant to struggles for social justice.

Great Plains Publications

Great Plains Publications Ltd. is an independent publisher in Winnipeg committed to bringing you the very best books from the Prairies, a region we believe has an abundance of quality writers. We also publish fiction from authors across the country in our imprints, Enfield & Wizenty and Yellow Dog Teen Fiction.

J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing

J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing is primarily a literary publisher, with several imprints including: Scirocco Drama (theatre), The Muses’ Company (poetry), Watson & Dwyer Publishing (Canadian social history), and J. Gordon Shillingford (politics, sports, biography).

Les Éditions des Plaines

Fier partenaire au service de la littérature et de l’éducation dans l’Ouest canadien depuis 1979, les Éditions des Plaines publient plusieurs genres. Son catalogue, qui compte plus de 300 titres,  est le reflet d’un programme de publication variée:  littérature générale, titres autochtones, albums jeunesse et ressources éducatives sont à l’honneur. Depuis près de quarante ans, la maison s’applique à donner la parole aux écrivains de l’Ouest canadien.

Les Éditions des Plaines has been a proud partner in promoting French-language literature and education since 1979.  Its catalogue of over 300 titles, from predominently Western Canadian authors, reflects a varied publishing program where general literature, children’s books, indigenous titles and educational resources are prominently featured.

Vidacom Publications

Vidacom Publications specializes in publishing titles from Canadian authors, with subjects in history, architecture, photography, art and indigenous perspectives.  Most titles are published in Canada’s two official languages, and a selection of books are also published in indigenous languages. 

Portage & Main Press

Celebrating 50 years as an independently owned Canadian publisher, Portage & Main Press (PMP) creates exemplary educational resources that reflect Canadian culture and values and that inspire child-centred, inclusive, and collaborative learning. HighWater Press, an imprint of PMP, publishes books that portray a wide-ranging expression of Indigenous culture and experience. Our titles include a rich mix of novels, graphic novels, memoirs, and children’s books.

Signature Editions

Signature Editions is a literary press with an eclectic list of quality fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama. Originally named Nuage Editions, the press moved to Winnipeg and in the year 2000 was renamed Signature Editions.

Turnstone Press

Founded in a Winnipeg pub in 1976, Turnstone Press publishes poetry, fiction, literary criticism and non-fiction. In 1998, Turnstone Press launched Ravenstone Books, an imprint dedicated to mysteries, thrillers, and noir fiction.

University of Manitoba Press

U of M Press is widely recognized as a leading publisher of books on Aboriginal history, Native studies, and Canadian history. As well, the Press is proud of its contribution to immigration studies, ethnic studies, and the study of Canadian literature, culture, politics, and Aboriginal languages. It also publishes a wide-ranging list of books on the heritage of the peoples and land of the Canadian prairies.


Apprentissage Illimité

Guidés par une profonde passion pour les langues et la culture, et une volonté de faire œuvre utile dans le monde, nous sommes une société qui préconise l’apprentissage et qui s’inspire de nos connaissances et de nos aptitudes mises en commun pour croître et innover. Nous aimons notre travail et notre mission d’aider les autres à… Créer. Communiquer. Cultiver. Créer un milieu efficace pour l’apprentissage des langues au moyen d’une approche interactive et axée sur le jeu. Communiquer de manière efficace et constructive pour créer des ponts entre les cultures. Cultiver l’apprentissage en offrant des ressources imprimées et numériques qui aident les apprenants en langues à progresser et à réussir.

CMU Press 

CMU Press has been publishing books since 1974, when it was CMBC Publications, with a concentration on theology and Mennonite studies. In 2000, the Press was transformed along with its parent institution, Canadian Mennonite University, and became CMU Press. In 2021, Dr. Sue Sorensen became the General Editor and announced a more inclusive publishing plan, including academic and general interest books in a range of disciplines as well as creative work. Mennonite studies will continue to be an area of specialization and the Press will have a modest output of 2-4 titles annually. In its five decades of publishing, the Press has published about 100 titles, including the bestseller On the Zwieback Trail, a Mennonite ABC and recipe book. The first book of this new era will be Return Stroke, a memoir and personal essay collection by award-winning fiction writer Dora Dueck, anticipated in 2022.

Griots Lounge Publishing Canada 

Griots Lounge Publishing Canada aims at diversifying the Canadian book market by engaging the African style of writing in a synergy with Canadian literature.

Peanut Butter Press

Peanut Butter Press has found its niche in publishing quality children’s picture books. Title content ranges from interesting topics that both entertain and educate to humorous stories that encourage discussion on a variety of themes. Our books appeal not only to children but also their parents, teachers and all those who enjoy a good laugh and appreciate educational or challenging text.