Would Someone Please Answer the Parrot!

Would Someone Please Answer the Parrot! by Beryl Young, illustrated by Jason Doll. A rollicking tale about an outrageous talking parrot who comes to stay with a family and ends up winning a permanent place in their home and their hearts. The story begins when Uncle Bill, a sailor who looks suspiciously like a pirate, drops in for a quick visit and leaves behind Guapo, a Congo African Grey Parrot. Immediately Guapo is mimicking everything he hears. Bossy Auntie Pattie arrives for her annual visit and immediately starts to take over, only to encounter the parrot’s unusual and often annoying behaviours. The twins have fun teaching Guapo to tease Auntie Pattie, but she is definitely not amused. The hilarity culminates with Auntie Pattie announcing that she’s leaving and won’t be coming back until they get rid of that bird! Young and old alike will enjoy Guapo’s entertaining antics and the comical situations that arise from his ability to imitate speech and sounds. PBP. ISBN: 978-1-927735-00-8, $19.95, HC., 32 pp. RL: K-Gr. 2, IL: Ages 3-8.

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