The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones by Anne Mahon. War, genocide, rape, looting, violence – the makings of nightmares is a daily reality for millions in contemporary Africa. To survive often means abandoning everything in a quick escape. Could you leave behind belongings, memories, valuables, children, mothers, fathers? In 2012, more than a thousand refugees to Manitoba, most of them from Africa, did just that. They are the lucky ones. In this compelling collection, African refugees tell us, in their own words, how their lives were ripped apart and what they had to do to build new ones. They relate their stories with calm, matter-of-fact dignity that underplays the horrific challenges they have faced. In the pages of this book, we meet a wide assortment of men and women ranging in age from four to 73, representing a variety of African countries and backgrounds. Their often untold stories span experiences in their African birth countries to their new homes in Manitoba. The accounts, as compiled by Anne Mahon, tell us much about the strength of the human spirit. These refugees show an openness to change and an unwavering gratitude that is an inspiring lesson for Canadians fortunate enough to already live here. GPP. ISBN: 978-1-926531-724, $24.95, 244 pp., pb., 7″ x 7″, printed on forest-friendly paper. Non-fiction.

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