Father’s Day Books – Des livres pour La Fête des père

7 Generation: A Plains Cree Saga by David A. Robertson

The 7 generations graphic novel series follows one Aboriginal family through from the early 19th century and connects readers to modern day Edwin, who confronts the causes of his own despair and finds redemption as father and son reconcile their past and begin a new journey. Highwater Press

This highly readable account of Assiniboine Park’s history with vintage and contemporary illustrations offers an excellent coffee table read for any father. Great Plains Publications

Bandit by Wayne Tefs

Tefs presents a fictionalized version of the tremendous true story of Ken Leishman, a faithful married man and father of seven, whose dreams of greatness, and a good life for his family free from poverty result in the country’s largest gold heist from the Winnipeg airport. Turnstone Press

Don’t Try This at Home
by Rob Krause and Daria Salamon

As Daria and Rob travel across 15 countries in the southern hemisphere with their 2 children, the loss of Rob’s father sends him to contemplate his own relationship with, and memories of, his father. Turnstone Press

En l’an 1853, Étienne Mercier, voyageur et artiste-peintre canadien français, est chargé de documenter ses voyages au plein cœur des territoires Haida. David Bouchard nous offre un aperçu singulier des épreuves quotidiennes d’un voyageur ordinaire. Les Éditions des Plaines

Exploring everything from abandoned quarries to dance halls to hospitals, Gordon Goldsborough connects our present with the architecture of our past.  Great Plains Publications

Nimoshom and His Bus by Penny M. Thomas

Nimosham, which means my grandfather in Cree, drives the school bus and teaches the children Cree words along the way. Highwater Press

Omphalos by Gerald Lynch

Detective Kevin Beldon is called in when the head of Omphalos, the world’s dominant philanthropic organization, is found murdered. In this third book of the series, Beldon brings along much of his personal and professional baggage, including his less than perfect relationships with his children. Signature Editions

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Elders who still remember the days when their people lived entirely off the bounty of the land share their stories with Manitoban artist Gerald Kuehl. These stunning graphite pencil portraits are rendered with love, respect, and painstaking detail

Window Horses by Ann Marie Fleming

In this graphic novel, based on the film of the same name, Chinese Iranian Rosie Ming reunites with the father she believes abandoned her and goes on a journey of forgiveness and reconciliation through learning about her father’s past. Bedside Press

You Mean Everything, lyrics by Drivin’ N Cryin’, illustrated by Matt Joudry

On their first album, nearly thirty years ago, acclaimed Atlanta band, Drivin’ N Cryin’ wrote a song about love. It wasn’t perfect. It didn’t want to be. Love isn’t perfect. Now with the lyrics published in print in a beautifully illustrated little book, this perfect card substitute offers poetic lyrics for all to hold and share. At Bay Press

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