Looking to get Published?

The Association of Manitoba Book Publishers is an organization that represents a group of Manitoba-based publishing houses to help raise their profiles through joint marketing projects. Although we do not work with individual writers, we have listed some resources below and hope that you will find them helpful.

We provide links to our member publishers’ websites, and most of these will give you information on what they publish, how to submit manuscripts, etc. It is important to note the genre (e.g., children’s, drama, poetry, etc.) that the publishing house publishes, as they will not look at other types of writing. Also note that some publishing houses have a mandate to publish works written by certain groups (e.g., Pemmican authors must be Métis, Les Éditions du Blé is French only). You should also ensure that you accompany your manuscript submission with a cover letter that is neat, coherent and brief.

Before you approach a publisher, you may want to contact the Manitoba Writers’ Guild at 204-944-8013; email: [email protected], or The Writers’ Collective at 204-786-9468; email: [email protected]. Both organizations offer help in preparing a manuscript for publication and can direct you to other organizations that will assist you with editing, illustrations, etc. There are also many publishing houses outside of Manitoba that you may want to check out. These are listed on the Association of Canadian Publishers website. You will find many other helpful links on our RESOURCES page.